Corporate Social Responsibility

Datacom's work with the community.

Title Date Summary
Title: Datacom Advisory - VOYCE Date: 07-Aug-2018 Summary: Datacom delivers #StrategySmash to VOYCE youth charity
Title: Bosom Buddies Date: 04-Jul-2018 Summary: Helping a Bosom Buddy stay connected
Title: 2017 Datacomp Extraordinary Date: 20-Feb-2018 Summary: Datacom’s signature in-house hackathon looks to build a better society
Title: ‘Tahi’ - The Datacom Building Date: 20-Feb-2018 Summary: Datacom brings its Auckland family together
Title: Calvary Christian College Date: 12-Feb-2018 Summary: Supporting ICT education in Vanuatu
Title: Wellington City Mission Date: 12-Feb-2018 Summary: Wellington City Mission
Title: ThinkUKnow Date: 30-Jan-2018 Summary: Keeping our kids safe in the digital world
Title: ThinkUKnow Date: 20-Feb-2017 Summary: ThinkUKnow - Working together to keep kids safe online
Title: City Missions Date: 20-Feb-2017 Summary: Working with City Missions to help the homeless
Title: Leadership for life Date: 20-Feb-2017 Summary: Future leaders building sustainable communities in Laos